21166014 Treffer, zeige 121 bis 135:

Tour of the American lakes, and among the Indians of the North-West Territory, in 1830, 1 Colton, Calvin 1833

Act for the security of the kingdom. The estates of Parliament, considering, that when it shall please God to afflict these nations by the death of Our Soveraign Lady the Queen (whom God of his infinite mercy long preserve) if the samen should happen to be without heirs of her body, this kingdom may fall into great confusion and disorder Scotland / Parliament 1704

Stift und Stadt Werden im Zeitalter des dreißigjährigen Krieges Langenbach, Wilhelm 1911

A complete illustration of the celestial science of astrology | Or, The art of foretelling future events and contingencies, by the aspects, positions, and influence of the heavenly bodies; founded on natural philosophy, scripture, reason, and the mathematics. In four parts. By Ebenezer Sibly, Astro. Philo. embellished with curious copper-plates Sibly, Ebenezer 1788

Rechtliche Grundlagen für den Sonderschulbereich, 1: Bildungswegentscheidungen im Zusammenhang mit Lernbehinderung | 2. [Aufl.] Scheilen, Hanns et al. 1983

(For public consideration.) Heads of a bill for enlarging and improving the harbour of Leith Great Britain / Parliament 1786

Community control, community mobilization, and community structure | a comparative causal analysis of the demand for community control | [Mikrofilm-Ausg.] Jackson, Pamela I. 1976

Bibliographie juridique roumaine Institutul de Cercetări Juridice (Bukarest) 1969

Bill for enlarging the term and powers granted by an act of the twenty-sixth year of the reign of His Late Majesty King George the Second, intituled, An act for repairing the roads from Livingston by the Kirk of Shotts to the city of Glasgow, and by the town of Hamilton to the town of Strathaven, and for making the said act more effectual; also for repairing several other roads in the county of Lanark, not mentioned in the said former act Great Britain / Parliament 2009

Verhandlungen der Württembergischen Kammer der Standesherren auf dem ... ordentlichen Landtage, . 1820 Württemberg. Kammer der Standesherren

Mitteilungen, Reg. für d. Jg. 17 (1985) - 21 (1989) Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz

A brief apology in behalf of the people in derision call'd Quakers. Written for the information of our sober and well-inclined neighbours in and about the town of Warminster in the county of Wilts. by Will. Chandler, Alex. Pyot, J. Hodges, and some others Chandler, William et al. 1701

Und nichts ist mehr, wie es war | Zeit der Trauer Würth, Petra 2001

A voice from heaven, to the youth of Great Britain | Containing, a dialogue between Christ, youth, and the devil, shewing the woful state of young people, who fly religion, and pursue vice. Together with several examples out of the Holy Scriptures, relating to disobedient scoffing, lying children, Sabbath breakers, &c. With our blessed Saviour's encouragement for little children to be good betime [sic]. Likewise a dialogue between miserable Dives, and happy Lazarus 2009

Viaggio nel mondo dei Piceni | libera interpretazione tra realtà e immaginifico della vita dei Piceni 1999

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