8 Bände in: Research and practice of health promotion, zeige 1 bis 8:

Gender related drug prevention for youths | practical approaches and theory development ; a research project commissioned by the Federal Centre for Health Education Franzkowiak, Peter et al. 1998

Internet based smoking cessation aids for young people | practical experience and current evidence ; documentation of a FCHE workshop held in Berlin, 18 - 19 September 2008 | 1. impr., [Stand:] 2.11.09 Jonas, Benjamin et al. 2009

Quality assurance in AIDS prevention | report of the expert conference from 13 to 15 November 1995 in Cologne Ettischer, Heike et al. 1999

Ecstasy: use and prevention | empirical research results and guidelines ; documentation of a FCHE status seminar held in Bad Honnef from 15 to 17 September 1997 Nöcker, Guido et al. 1998

Protection or risk? | family environments reflected in communication between parents and their children ; a study | Abridged version of the German ed. Eickhoff, Catarina et al. 2001

Standardisation of questions on smoking | a contribution to quality assurance in prevention research Riemann, Klaus et al. 2000

Strategies to reduce health inequalities | creating an internet platform to improve networking | Impr. Lehmann, Frank et al. 2005

What keeps people healthy? | The current state of discussion and the relevance of Antonovsky's salutogenic model of health | 1. Aufl. Bengel, Jürgen et al. 1999

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