(This readme describes these Aleph-MAB2 in MARC-XML dump archives.
This is the data residing originally in German hbz union library catalog(German).
Have a look at the detailed documentation about the Alpeh MAB2 in MARC-XML(German). )

The weekly erratically weekly updated basedump (hbz01MabXmlClobsFulldump.xml.gz DE-605-aleph-*20*.tar.gzDE-605-aleph-baseline-*20*.tar.gz , filesize ~9 GB) consists
of ~19M XML records stored in one zip compressed XML file compressed tar archive, each record a file (so - don't extract them into your filesystem!)
The smaller files (the bz2 ones) are daily supplemented incremental files.

For now deleted records are not removed from the dumps. No deletion after 2014-08-23 the last base dump
is reflected. We will work on that.

The data is the base of our linked data transformation using the metafacture framework. You find
all programs and their config files in our lobid repos resp. in the hbz repos on github.

Find more/newer information at the datahub.

Contact: semweb(at)hbz-nrw.de , see more at lobid.org

October, 2014; Juli 2015; Octobr 2015; August 2016


"All data which is available for download here is published under a Creative Commons
CC0 licence (http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/). The data thus is
in the Public Domain which means it belongs to everybody and can be used without
restrictions for any purpose."