GND reconciliation for OpenRefine

Align your data with the Integrated Authority File GND

Use this URL in OpenRefine:

Data and Tools

Integrated Authority File GND

OpenRefine, Reconciliation


GND reconciliation for OpenRefine

Using the suggest APIs for searching types, properties, and entities

Using additional properties to improve matches


W3C entity reconciliation community group

Reconciliation service test bench forum


This service provides an implementation of the OpenRefine Reconciliation API.

General API (spec)


JSONP callback

CORS header
curl --head | grep Access-Control-Allow-Origin

View API

Preview entities (spec)
View entities (spec)

Query API (spec)

Query: GET
/gnd/reconcile/?queries={"q1":{"query":"Twain, Mark"}}

Query: POST
curl --data 'queries={"q1":{"query":"Twain, Mark"}}'

Suggest API (spec)

Suggest entities
Suggest types
Suggest properties
Flyout entities
Flyout types
Flyout properties

Data extension API

Property proposal (spec)
Extend: GET (spec)

Extend: POST
curl --data 'extend={"ids":["1081942517","4791358-7"],"properties":[{"id":"preferredName"},{"id":"firstAuthor"}]}'