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EBSCO Nursing & Allied Health Collection: Basic Ipswich
EBSCO MasterFILE Select Ipswich
EBSCO Vocational & Career Collection Ipswich
EBSCO Sociological Collection Ipswich
EBSCO Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition Ipswich
EBSCO General Science Collection Ipswich
EBSCO Communication & Mass Media Complete Ipswich
EBSCO Book Collection: Nonfiction Ipswich
AIP Digital Archive [Archiv] [Nationallizenz] Hannover
IOP Historic Archive [Archiv] [Nationallizenz] Hannover
Twentieth Century North American Drama [Nationallizenz] Göttingen
The Bibliography of the Hebrew Book [Open Access / Nationallizenz] Jerusalem
Teatro Español del Siglo de Oro [Nationallizenz] Frankfurt/Main
EBSCO Consumer Health Complete Ipswich
EBSCO MegaFILE Ipswich
EBSCO Literary Reference Center Ipswich
EBSCO The National Review Archive Ipswich
EBSCO The Nation Archive Ipswich
Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL) [Archiv] [Nationallizenz] München
Aquaculture Compendium [Nationallizenz] Frankfurt/Main

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