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Themen und Thesen kritischer Gesellschaftstheorie | ein Kompendium Ritsert, Jürgen 2014

Advice from Switzerland: giving a full and true account how far the Switzers are engaged in the French interest against the Confederates. In a letter sent of late from Switzerland to London, by a gentleman of honour, to a Person of Quality N. N Gentleman of honour 1705

The miscellaneous works, in prose and verse, of Mrs. Mary Latter, of Reading, Berks. In three parts Latter, Mary 1759

The Industrial Cycle of Milan as an Accurate Leading Indicator for the Italian Business Cycle Pelagatti, Matteo M. et al. 2010

Twelve beautiful designs for farm-houses | with their proper offices and estimates of the whole and every distinct building separate; with the measurement, and value of each particular article, Adapted to the Customary Measurements of most Part of England, But more particularly for the following Counties, viz. Middlesex, Surry, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Somersetshire, &c. By William Halfpenny, Carpenter and Architect Halfpenny, William 1750

Practical architecture, or a sure guide to the true working according to the rules of that science: representing the five orders, with their several doors & windows ... By Willm. Halfpenny | The fifth edition, 1736 Halfpenny, William 2009

The english compendium | or, rudiments of honour; containing the genealogies of all the nobility of England, Their Titles, Posts, and Seats. Also Their Coronation Robes, with their arms, Crests, Supporters, and Mottos, exactly engraved on Copper-Plates. To which is added, an account of the officers of state, the Institution and Investiture of the several orders of knighthood, and lists of the said orders to the present Time. In three volumes | The twelfth edition, corrected and enlarged to the year 1769 Nichols, Francis 1769

Private devotions in the Church, fitted to employ some short time before divine service begins; and also on occasion of receiving the Holy Sacrament. By a divine of the Church of England Divine of the Church of England 1712

Incentives and Accountability | The Canadian Context Gauthier, Michelle 2004

Lessons for children, historical & practical; to which are added, some prayers and the chief rules for spelling and dividing words into syllables; designed to bring them to read well and distinctly in a shorter time than is usual. Drawn up for the use of a charity-school in the country 1713

The late measures of the ship-owners in the coal-trade fully examined, in a letter to the Right Honourable William Pitt 2009

La réforme dans un système fragmentaire | L'enseignement supérieur en Bosnie-Herzégovine Temple, Paul 2003

Ageing Populations | Economic Effects and Implications for Public Finance Hagemann, Robert et al. 1989

Long-Term Capital Reflow Under Macroeconomic Stabilization in Latin America de Aghion, Béatriz 1991

Product Market Regulation | Extending the Analysis Beyond OECD Countries Wölfl, Anita et al. 2010

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