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An Account of the taking of the island of Martinego, in the West-Indies, from the French by the English forces and fleet, commanded by Sir Francis Wheeler | also of the taking of two French ships, one of 22 guns, the other of 20 guns, belonging to Martinego and Guardialoope 1693

A sermon against corrupting the word of God | preached at Christ Church in Manchester upon a publick occasion on the 11th day of July, 1696 Gipps, Thomas 1697

The hunter | a discourse of horsemanship directing the right way to breed, keep, and train a horse, for ordinary hunting and plates Langbaine, Gerard 1685

The history of the famous Edict of Nantes | containing an account of all the persecutions that have been in France from its first publication to this present time Benoist, Elie 1999

The antidote proved a counterfeit, or, Error detected and believers baptism vindicated | containing an answer to a nameless author's book entituled An antidote to prevent the prevalency of anabaptism Collins, Hercules 1693

The mantle thrown off, or, The Irishman dissected | in a letter from a gentleman to his friend in London H. B 1999

An account of the rotula arithmetica Brown, George et al. 1999

Great news from Middle-Row in Holbourn, or, A true relation of a dreadful ghost | which appeared in the shape of one Mrs. Adkins to several persons, but especially to a maid-servant at the Adam and Eve, all in a flame of fire on Tuesday-night last, being the 16th of this instant March, 1679 1680

A discourse of the true nature of the Gospel | demonstrating that it is no new law, but a pure doctrine of grace Goodwin, Thomas 1695

Omērou Ilias | Homeri Ilias Homer 1999

The reports of that reverend and learned judge, Sir Richard Hutton Knight | sometimes one of the judges of the common pleas Hutton, Richard et al. 1656

A thanksgiving sermon for the deliverance of our King from the late intended assassination of his sacred person and of the Kingdom from the French invasion Gregory, Francis 1999

Advice to the patrons of the test 1682

A sermon preached at a publick ordination at St. Peter's Cornhill, March 15th 1684/5 Stillingfleet, Edward 1685

Mortality and Maldevelopment | Part II: The Saga of Neural Tube Defects Kalter, Harold 2009

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