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Essential cognitive psychology Sterling, Christopher H. 2021

Cognitive psychology | connecting mind, research, and everyday experience | 2. ed., internat. student ed. Goldstein, E. Bruce 2008

Human and animal minds | the consciousness questions laid to rest | First edition Carruthers, Peter 2019

Time distortions in mind | temporal processing in clinical populations Vatakis, Argiro et al. 2015

The elephant in the brain | hidden motives in everyday life Simler, Kevin et al. 2018

Cognitive psychology | a student's handbook | Eighth edition Eysenck, Michael W. et al. 2020

Principles of neural science | 4. ed., international ed. Kandel, Eric R. 2000

Discovering the social mind | selected works of Christopher D. Frith Frith, Christopher D. 2017

Emotion and cognition | First edition Srinivasan, Narayanan 2019

Thinking with literature | towards a cognitive criticism | First published in paperback Cave, Terence 2018

Exploring the collective unconscious in the age of digital media Schafer, Stephen Brock 2016

Applied cognitive psychology | a textbook Herrmann, Douglas J. 2006

The centered mind | what the science of working memory shows us about the nature of human thought | First published in paperback Carruthers, Peter 2017

The temporal structure of multimodal communication | theory, methods and applications Hunyadi, László et al. 2020

Our minds, our selves | a brief history of psychology Oatley, Keith 2018

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